The objective of the EUROPEAN PHOTOCHEMISTRY ASSOCIATION (EPA) is to promote the development of photochemistry in Europe and contacts among photochemists.

The European Photochemistry Association – EPA – is concerned with various experimental and theoretical aspects of the interaction of light with molecular systems, ranging from basic knowledge and practical know-how in photochemistry to application in areas such as chemical synthesis, electronics, material science, nanotechnology, biology and medicine.

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PhotoIUPAC 2020

28th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry

Amsterdam, 13th-17th July 2020

Important Update

The Local Organizing Committee of the 28h IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry has made the formal decision to cancel the conference in Amsterdam, July 13-17, 2020.

Unfortunately, the restrictions due to the corona pandemic leave us no other choice.

Registration for the 28th PhotoIUPAC meeting to be held in July 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is open. Conference updates will be available in the Meetings section. The 28th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry continues a long tradition of conferences where experts in photochemistry in a broad sense exchange the latest results, and where scientists and engineers who use light in their research or application can pick up new ideas and strengthen their knowledge of the specifics of the interaction of light and matter.

The scientific topics to be covered in the Symposium include areas of unparalleled impact in the world today. These include renewable energy sources, green chemistry, atmospheric photochemistry, single molecule microscopy and super resolution imaging.

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