Award to the PhD student who, in the opinion of EPA Executive Committee has  defended the best PhD thesis in the two years prior to being nominated by an EPA member. It is awarded biennially to the EPA member.

Call for nominations

Nominations should be sent (electronically only) to the EPA President.


The 2018 EPA PhD thesis in photochemistry will be awarded during the 27th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry which will be held in Dublin, Ireland, in July 2018.

Victor Gray from Chalmers University in Göteborg will be awarded for his work on Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Based Photon Upconversion on fluorescent DNA probes. He will present his work at the Symposium. The Prize is 1,000 Euros, plus travel costs to Dublin (maximum 300 Euros) and one free year of EPA membership.

Nominations must include: 

  1. Curriculum Vitae of the candidate
  2. Copy of the thesis
  3. Abstract of thesis in English, no more than five pages
  4. Lislications arising from the thesis
  5. A letter of support.

Closing date for the receipt of nominations will be 31st December 2017.

Former laureates

Last edition: 2016

Tomáš Slanina

Country: Hungary/Germany
Institution: Masaryk University/University of Regensburg
Thesis supervisors: Petr Klán and Burkhard König


Giuseppina La Ganga

Country: Italy
Thesis supervisor: Sebastiano Campagna


Karl Börjesson

Country: Sweden
Thesis supervisior: Bo Albinsson


Anne Kotiaho

Country: Finland
Thesis supervisior: Helge Lemmetyinen

2008 (shared)

Maria Abrahamsson

Country: Sweden
Thesis supervisior: Leif Hammarström

2008 (shared)

Alexandre Fürstenberg

Country: Switzerland
Thesis supervisor: Eric Vauthey