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The Porter Medal is awarded every two years to the scientist who, in the opinion of the European Photochemistry Association, the Inter-American Photochemistry Society, and the Asian and Oceanian Photochemistry Association, has contributed most to the subject of Photochemistry.

The Porter Medal, named for the late George Porter FRS, Nobel Laureate,  is awarded biennually to the scientist who in the opinion of the judges, has contributed most to the science of photochemistry with particular emphasis on more physical aspects, reflecting George Porter’s own interests.

For more information access to The Porter Medal Official Site.

Call for nominations

For details about the nomination process, please visit the Official Site .


The Porter Medal has been awarded to Haruo Inoue from Tokyo Metropolitan University and it will be given at the APC 2018 December in Tapei.

Former laureates

Last edition: 2016

Country: USA
Institution: Northwestern University

Country: UK
Institution: Imperial College London


Masahiro Irie

Country: Japan
Institution: Name of the Institution


Country: USA
Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Country: UK
Institution: Imperial College London

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