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Dear Members of the European Photochemistry Association,

The EPA is proud to announce that from January 1st, 2021, PPS will be published by Springer Nature. A 5-year contract was signed by the two ownership societies, the EPA and the ESP, to develop, publish, and promote the journal, after the Royal Society of Chemistry, which published the journal since 2002, informed us that it would not seek to prolong the publishing contract and instead focus on its core journals. Work is well under way to ensure a smooth transition for both authors and readers, and maintain continued access to the journal and its archives for society members. There will be no impact on the manuscript flow, or on how you submit and publish your papers in PPS.

The EPA is delighted to embark on this stimulating partnership with Springer Nature for the continued success of PPS and is very excited by the opportunities it brings. The new publishing agreement will carry new benefits for our members and add to the visibility of the journal.

Our new publishing partners, represented by Steffen Pauly, share our enthusiasm: “We look forward to publishing PPS and developing content and strategy of the journal in the next five years. By adding this comprehensive journal to our portfolio we are pleased to be able to offer our readers more high-quality content in the fields of photochemistry and photobiology.

Maurizio D’Auria